Oysters: A love story

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We’re big fans of ShanDaph oysters and love to share them with our friends. We’ve gone through a number of boxes by now, so Tom is getting rather good at shucking and showing off his skills.

Truffle Palooza 2013

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It’s been cold and wet longer than usual in the Cote d’Or area (Burgundy) of France, and our truffle producer warned us that finding truffles this day may, or more likely may not, happen. Truffles are mercurial; not making an appearance, for one reason or another at a given time, despite the skill of his truffle hunting dog – yes, dog.

Here in the Burgundy region, the truffles are brown vs. the black Perigord variety of Southwest France or the white truffles of Italy.

Pigs can be used to smell out truffles, but as our guide tells us “It’s easier to get a dog in and out of the truck; not so much a 200 kilogram pig. And, unlike the dog, it’s harder to stop the pig from eating the truffles it finds.”


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Lemon ice cubes: cheaper than you think

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Today I am a genius. Not yesterday, when I tossed out rotting leftovers. Not the day before, when I threw out stale year-old crackers. But today I rediscovered the ice cubes I made from half-price lemons.

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Peas are number one!

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So we’re on our second year of participating in a CSA. We tried a smaller shop this time, Local Motive Farms in Coldstream, NS. They’ve repeatedly supplied us nice hauls. Lots of greens, turnips, garlic scapes and even horseradish!

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